Elevation of the Cross April 3, 2016 (Photos: Matushka Leslie Sochka) - 04/03/16

On Sunday, April 3rd, the Sunday of the Veneration of the Cross, His Eminence Archbishop Michael presided at the Divine Liturgy in the Chapel of the Transfiguration on the campus of Princeton University.  The Archbishop was assisted by Father Daniel Skvir, Orthodox Chaplain at Princeton, Father Sergius Kuharsky, Protodeacon Michael Sochka, Sub-Deacon Mark Federoff, and Altar Servers Forrest (Silouan) Hull and Aaron Stevens (Senior and Sophomore respectively).  Responses were sung by the Chapel choir under the direction of Matushka Tamara Skvir.

Altar servers Silouan PU'16 and Aaron PU'18 lead procession into Chapel
Fr. Daniel, Fr. Sergius and ProtoDeacon Michael await Archbishop Michael
Natalie, Rider U'16, and Sergei, longtime Chapel member
Natalie makes rose presentation on behalf of the OCF members
Fr. Daniel formal greeting
His Eminence approaches the Altar
His Eminence's staff indicating he is worshipping in Princeton.
Altar servers awaiting the beginning of Liturgy
Elizabeth begins the Hours
Natalie waiting her turn to read the Hours
Katie reading the Hours
Sergei continuing with the Hours
The new Orlets for the New York New Jersey Archbishop - Gift from the Transfiguration Chapel and Princeton University OCF
Archbishop Michael blessing the Orlets
ProtoDeacon Michael censing the Chapel prior to the start of Liturgy
Master, it is time to begin the Lord's Service
Reader Theogenes, PU Graduate student, processing with the Epistle
Reader Theogenes reads the Epistle
Altar server Aaron preparing for Vladyka
Altar server Silouan preparing for Vladyka
"Is polla eti Despota!"
Maria and Matilda comfortable in church
Choir members
Fr. Sergius Kuharsky
Subdeacon Mark helping - per usual!
Tommy reading his prayer book
Altar servers
Vladyka's blessing
Chapel of Transfiguration worshippers
Chapel of Transfiguration worshippers
Fr. Daniel saying a few words at conclusion of Liturgy
OCF members - present students and past who remain regular worshippers at the Chapel
Some of the 2015-2016 members of the OCF