His Eminence presents Fr. John Turkevich Memorial Awards (Photos: Matushka Leslie Sochka) - 04/03/16

At the conclusion of Liturgy, HIs Eminence presented special awards to active and faithful members of Princeton’s Orthodox Christian Fellowship.  These awards honor the memory and legacy of the University’s first Orthodox Chaplain, Father John Turkevich, also remembered as a renowned Professor of Chemistry.    The service ended with a round of ManyYears!  for various constituencies, including a number of birthdays and Saints days of the week. The celebration ended with a specially catered Lenten reception.

Aaron, Princeton University Class of 2018
Theogenes, Princeton University Graduate School
Gabriel, Princeton University Class of 2019
Natalie, Rider University Class of 2016
Richard, Princeton University Graduate School
Silouan, Princeton University Class of 2016