Coffee Hour January 2017

Institute for Advanced Study '16-'17 Scholar Nina with Agnija
Ayameh PU'20 relaxing after singing at Liturgy
Bill helping put away icons
Bill and Tammy chatting with Scott
Bill and Tammy
Brandon and George
Carmen and Cezar
Cath with Brandon talking with Protodeacon Michael, Leslie and Scott
Celia "Treasurer for the Day"
Folks catching up on the week
Cindy-former PU OCF Head
PU OCFers past and present Chapel members:Cindy, Doyin, Gabriel, Sarah (and Tommy)
Dan, Daniela, Gabriel and Ioana
Dan, Daniela with Mary
Daniela and Constanta
David and Delaney following Liturgy
OCFers: Grad Student Doyin with Gabriel PU'19
Fr. Daniel with former OCF heads still active in PU Orthodox Chapel
George and visiting '16-'17 Princeton fellow Anastassia with Sergei and Tanya
George chatting with Olympia
George and Sergei
George making sure all is cleaned up and put carefully away
'16-'17 visiting Princeton scholar Gabriel with Jeremija
Kevin and Sergei relaxing
Lydia with Chapel founder Veronica and Mary
Maria with younger sister Mathilda
Veronica and Mary
Protodeacon Michael with admirers Mary and Veronica
Melissa holding good friend Brandon Alexander
Melissa and Tim with Reader Doyin
Melissa, Tim and Doyin with Protodeacon Michael
Melissa with Brandon as Cath, Bill, Tammy and Scott look on
Michael and Marta
Milka with Nathalie
Nathalie with mother Milka
Protodeacom Michael sharing time with Marta, Michael and Cezar
Protodeacon Michael with Doina
Sergei, Celia, Carmen, Cezar
Sergei, Anastassia, Tanya, George enjoying a snack together
Tim, Melissa, Brandon, Cath, Scott with Leslie
Tommy discovers the chocolate cake!
Victor sharing experiences with Brandon
Brothers Victor and George